The benefits of collaborating with other bloggers

the benefits of collaborating with bloggers

When Brenda from Traveleira and I both started our blogging/ business careers, we had many ideas in mind but we also had a lot of doubts. Sometimes we felt that working on our own was not enough. Fortunately, the internet allowed us to see that working together and collaborating with other bloggers, creatives and digital nomads is something that can bring many positive results and in fact improve our online careers.

Brenda and I met on the Female Travel blogger group on Facebook, I was looking for a bilingual (English and Spanish) writer to write content for my travel agency website and she happened to fill the criteria and fortunately, happened to live in the city next to me. She was an already established blogger and we shared similar views and outlooks on life and travel.

During a successful collaborating-all-nighter-sleep-over, discussing business and our thoughts, we both expressed how tough the travel blog world is and how we can feel lonely at times

And it got us thinking-there are so many amazing female travel bloggers out there and we should help each other grow instead of seeing each other as competition. The internet is certainly big enough for everyone to fit and claim their space, so why don´t we reach out more to other like-minded people in the same field? What are we afraid of?

What can I gain from collaborating with others in my field you ask? There are so many benefits:

Exchange ideas and compare points of views

Since we all experience traveling differently and all have our own unique writing skills, getting to know other people in the field allows you to broaden your own perceptions towards the way we all experience the world.
This is an essential skill for anyone who has a desire to start blogging or start a travel related business travel, since your focus is essentially on the diversity across the globe.

The benefits of collaborating with other bloggers

Improve your online visibility and reputation

It is not a secret that when we are collaborating with others on blog posts or online projects helps search engine visibility and traffic flow. This will put a smile to your face every time you open google analytics and keep you motivated, we all need some motivation.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers

Learn how to work with others

When you work with others you create a space of tolerance, a space that is free from judgement, making room for open communication and an exchange of ideas. This will give you good practice if you plan to work with big brands, as they value team work and collaboration.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers

Develop your skills

You are constantly learning from the people you work with. Not only will you enhance your social skills but also your business skills. Don´t be afraid to showcase the skills you already have since they can be helpful for others.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers

Make new friends

Through the many stages of our lives we have learnt that a learning and working environment is a great place to meet special people, some that will stay in your lives forever. It happened during our school years, college and work.

By collaborating with others, you´re opening up opportunities to bring some more special people in your life. You will have a collaborating partner but also a friend with whom you can share bottle of wine with or a delicious dinner.

For all these reasons, we encourage bloggers and women in the travel industry to support each other and make the most out of these collaborations. The internet is big enough for all our ideas and creativity.

The benefits of collaborating with bloggers

Stay tuned, our collaboration is the beginning of many amazing things.

When female travelers get together amazing things happen!

If you would like to collaborate with us please drop us a line, we would be thrilled to hear your ideas! AND If you also believe in the power of collabs over competition, we would love to hear from you and feature your stories

Dinah and Brenda


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The benefits of collaborating with other bloggers

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11 thoughts on “The benefits of collaborating with other bloggers

  1. Sara

    I’ve wanted to start collaborating with others on my blog and on social media. Thank you for the insightful tips on how to start it!


  2. Womanhattan

    I’ve only recently started working on my blog, so this post is really useful. Thank you!


  3. Elisamartinez

    Thanks for sharing. Been wanting to collab for awhile.


  4. Mandy Carter

    This is something I know I need to do. I just need to find the right bloggers with similar goals and focus! Thanks for the encouragement! I’d love to see if there is any opportunity to collaborate with y’all. I will shoot you an email soon!


    1. wowtravelersworld

      Please do, if there is any topic you would like to write about> a destination, your story, conscious traveling or you want to apply for traveler of the month we would love to hear about it. Stay in touch 🙂


  5. Felicia Broccolo

    I love the story! It really is important and something that I need to work on more! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Tais

    I loved to read this story, I felt inspired! I truly believe that collaborating with other bloggers can be really good, and just bring positive things from both bloggers!


  7. Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel

    I love this story! It’s so important to build each other up rather than tear each other down. I love collaborating with other writers on stories – in addition to all the practical benefits, it’s also just a whole lot of fun!


    1. wowtravelersworld

      That´s right it´s so much fun! If you are keen, drop us a line 😉


  8. Rosemary

    It is amazing how much is possible with the internet. It’s great to you both connected. Could not agree more, connecting and collaborating is key to success. Thanks for sharing this inspiring partnership. Looking forward to see what’s ahead. Cheers!


  9. Kelly | A Pair of Passports

    Love this! I’ve met so many incredible bloggers and even the smallest collaborations have been extremely rewarding. It’s great to have a community where people are willing to give each other advice & help them move forward instead of keeping everything a secret.


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