How it all started:

Former neighbors turned travel bff’s, Dinah and Chanelle met in Cape Town and traveled extensively through South Africa. In 2014 they embarked on a road trip through Yucatan, Mexico that sparked the conception of this blog and online community. During their travels they met many inspirational women who shared their stories of courage and adventure, what all these travelers had in common was a sense of curiosity, openness and humility… and of cause awesome travel stories. There seemed to be a few universal questions they all reflected upon, questions like:

What happens to us when we travel? Are we escaping societies imposed roles and expectations of us?

Are we all trying to find ourselves through experience and connection?

Do we all face similar struggles to achieve our goals, whatever they may be?

Is it in our nature as women to be curious and want to learn, share and grow?

Can travel break the stigma we might have towards other cultures?

How do we make sense of ourselves as women of the world in a society that values material possessions over experiences?

The two started thinking about ways they could connect all women around the world through storytelling to gain strength, knowledge and inspiration from each other as they experienced in their travels and help answers some of the above questions. Finally in 2016 in front of a cozy fire place in Dinah’s childhood home in the South of France, the two decided to put the idea into action and create an online community for women.  And voila WOWTRAVELERSWORLD was born.

fire place
Dinah’s childhood home in Aveyron


About Dinah:

Passionate about travel and global adventures, Dinah considers herself a women of the world with no attachment to one nationality. Attributing value to experiences rather than material possessions she believes experiences form a bigger part of who we are and is what makes us rich. Travelling fosters self-development and unravels false beliefs.

Growing up in a small farming town in the Southwest of France, wanderlust was a feeling she was familiar with from a very young age. After graduating in International trade Dinah in Milan, spent several years living in several countries and ran a small Eco friendly business in South Africa targeted at women.

Driven by a desire to make traveling easier and accessible to women Dinah also founded a travel agency called WOW travelers. (click here for more information on the project). Based in Barcelona, Dinah is focusing on the travel agency, photography, networking AND of course planning her next adventure. “I can’t stay to long in one place before my feet start itching, what strikes me the most are the encounters you make along the way and how deeply they impact your life. It’s soon time to get on the road again, I hope you will also want to hop on the bus with us!”

About Chanelle:

Born and raised in sunny South Africa, Chanelle holds two passports and a Masters Degree in Gender Studies. She worked in the mental health field for several years doing community development work in the rural Eastern Cape, developing national awareness campaigns and appearing on local radio stations and TV.

Lover of music festivals, awkward situations and ice cream,  Chanelle recently quit her PR and Communications job in Cape Town to live the intrepid life she had been yearning for. Since the age of 10, she knew the white picket fence and 2.5 children just wasn’t for her! Rather than being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen she dreamed of being barefoot in the Amazon Jungle. Currently based in Barcelona and trying not to take life too seriously, Chanelle works as an English teacher and Reiki practitioner.